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hide your instinct good and deep.  [black lab, 'ecstasy']

If it's not asking me whether I want to enlarge my penis, it's nice.  My address is .

AOL Instant Messenger
Random AIM conversations can be confusing, but if they float your boat, my screenname's Enoch Root.  Don't expect to see me on very often, though.  Not only is my internet connection not very reliable at home, but I've got many other screennames.  I use them when I don't want to talk to anyone, which is most of the time.

Et cetera
I've had an ICQ number for a long time; it's 2962475.  Don't use it too much nowadays, though.  And for some reason, I've got Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger accounts.  I don't know my username or password for either, though.

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