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you can fool any friend who ever knew you.  [phantom of the opera, 'masquerade']

This is basically a cut-and-paste of my start page, except with a bit of explanation.

Most of my friends have long abandoned their sites and switched to blogs, though there are a few actual sites in operation.  As to Livejournals, there's a bunch I read, so if you want to see who I keep up on, just check my friends page.  Then there's Jon, who's sticking with Diaryland.  And finally, two guys I know from Lens And Lights, Schenck and TJ.

My webcomics are broken into three categories: the dailies, the MWFs, and the infrequent.  First category's kind of self-explanatory; they're the ones that update on a daily basis.  There's Scary Go Round, about a couple of cute British college students.  Scary Go Round's artist, John Allison, did an earlier comic, Bobbins, which was also damned funny.  Diesel Sweeties, while primarily about an ex-porn star dating a robot, features Indie Rock Pete, with whom I have a love-hate relationship.  Pete had his own short story spin-off once, entitled Indie Rock Pete Hits Indie Rock Bottom, but it's gone now.  Sniff.  Wigu details a young boy's day-to-day adventures.  Count Your Sheep's a relatively new one for me; it's about a girl named Katie and her sleep-aiding sheep.

MWFs are the comics that update on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.  First among these is Penny Arcade, whose core audience is videogame aficionados.  You've probably heard of Megatokyo, about two gaijins' trip to Japan.  I also like to check Fred Gallagher's sketchbook site, FredartErrant Story is about a half-elf girl trying to find out more about her ancestry.  It's by Poe, the same guy who did Exploitation Now, a comic I loved because of the character Jordan.  Lastly, Krakow is split into a sketch comedy about two roommates and a story about a kidnapping; I much prefer the former.

The infrequents category covers those that don't update often, those that are on hiatus, and those that have finished a limited run.  I followed Makeshift Miracle for two years; it's an excellent story.  Avalon, about life and love in a Canadian high school, finished recently [fall 2004] after a long hiatus.  Nowhere Girl's two chapters show a fuckton of promise.  Life's So Rad was cute, but after some personal issues, the author took it down.  When I Am King claims to be "a reproduction of some strange ancient hieroglyphs".  True or not, it's hilarious.  Winter lay abandoned by the writers and artist for a long time before they decided to pick things up again; I haven't caught up yet.  I was a big fan of North [and NoRTH] when it was around, but it mysteriously disappeared.  It used to be here.

Other sites...  I browse IMDb constantly, finding out bits of trivia and following actors I recognize from movie to movie.  I have to acknowledge Webmonkey, since that's where I learned most of what I know about webcraft.  Not to mention the numerous lines of code I've stolen from them.  Imitation:  It's the best way to learn.  explodingdog's great; if you've never seen it, it's some guy named Sam Brown drawing stick-figure pictures based on input from site visitors.  They make good icons and backgrounds.

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