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don't look too close into the palm of my hand.  [bruce springsteen, 'brilliant disguise']

What goes here?  Anything that doesn't fit comfortably anywhere else.  Such as...

I wrote this story for the Elements of Writing class I took C-term my senior year of college.  I still pick at it from time to time; I don't feel it's perfect yet, but I'm not sure I ever will.  Yes, this really happened to me, and no, these aren't the real names.  Last edited 17 September 2004.

I love High Fidelity, the movie as well as the book by Nick Hornby.  Top five lists don't tend to have much of a shelf life, so I'll state that these were last edited 27 November 2004.

Step right up, folks.  Marvel at all the old incarnations of my site.  Okay, not all...  Alas, some are gone forever, as in the early days [i.e., until I went to college and got a computer with a decent-sized hard drive] I never thought to save the old versions.

When I get sick of the current state of the site and don't have a new one ready, I like to put up a placeholder.  They're nothing special, but they're not supposed "to light the world on fire"; their job is just "to keep the curtain up".

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