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i can see my face changing in the mirror.  [d generation, 'so messed up']

These are some of the old versions of my site.  The list picks up in 2001.  Before that, it was mostly the old solid-color background, solid-color sidebar.  Sometimes I would put a gradient between the two.  The point is, the earlier designs were, by and large, pretty simple.  So you're not missing much.  Only one page of each site is posted, as an example of what the site once was; all links on these pages point back to this page.

So named because of the explodingdog picture in the lower-left corner.  Yes, it's meant to cut itself off like that.  This way you'd only really notice it if you fullscreened the site at something like 1280x960.  The design was inspired by the site for the band Further Seems Forever [which has long since been redesigned].  This design was up from 13 November 2001 to 14 February 2002.

Once again, the name comes from the explodingdog picture featured prominently.  The mouseovers for the menu and title are, in fact, not images, but merely the background changing color behind a transparent-cutout of the menu item.  A little bandwidth-saving trick.  This design was up from 11 July 2002 to 21 June 2003.

I first learned of phi, the golden ratio, in high school, when my mechanical drawing teacher gave me a copy of his thesis, for which he'd chosen phi as the subject.  If you don't know, phi is 0.5(1 + sqrt(5)), and rectangles which have such a width-to-height ratio are supposedly the most aesthetically pleasing.  There's also the fact that the ratio of successive terms of the Fibonacci sequence approaches phi as n goes to infinity.  This design was my little tribute to phi, I guess, as well as to my Chinese heritage.  It was up from 21 June 2003 to 19 November 2004.

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